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10 Meters

December 16, 2008

Ten Meters is one of my favorite bands. Even when it’s not “open”, it’s frequently open. With the sunspots on the rise, so should the activity on the band.

Have you found yet? Nets listed there will help determine if the band is open. will also give you DX Cluster spots, just for 10 meters. also offers a map of openings AND the ability to post spots all in one place. gives a map and paths band openings over a 24-hour time period. The site lists the stations and who heard who over PSK. is a list of beacons on Ten. Tune here to see where the band is open, even when it’s not.

Ten Meters is one of my favorite bands. Thankfully, there’s plenty of tools to take some of the Magic out of the Band.


Lloyd, KC5FM