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What is the Wind Chill Index

January 12, 2012

With winter comes cold and, in Oklahoma, it stays windy.

Our friends at the National Weather Service have a page to explain wind chill and help you determine what it is for you.

They also join FEMA and the American Red Cross is giving cold weather tips.

Prepare now for the next winter event. It may be close.


March 28, 2009
Pryor Snow
Pryor Snow
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This weekend has been terrible for the folks in Northwest Oklahoma.

Twitter has been ablaze with stories and reports from #OKice. Amarillo National Weather Service office reported final snow reports for the blizzard.

Nevertheless, the photo here is from Pryor. The current radar shows the storm continues in the area.

The Oklahoma Amateur Radio Emergency Service group was placed on standby for the event. This is a dedicated group of volunteers who give up their time for special events and disasters.

At any rate, this week Oklahoma has seen thunderstorms, thundersnow, fire weather, blizzards, and clear blue skies.

Check your local forecast EVERY day. Then you won’t be in flipflops going into winter weather to rescue someone.