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Taking Shelter from the Storm

November 18, 2011

The City of Altus does not provide community storm shelters.  In the past many citizens were injured due to traffic accidents, slick roads, wind, hail, and lightning while trying to get to a public shelter during severe weather.

In an effort to protect the citizens, the City of Altus recommends sheltering in place or with neighbors during an emergency. The best choice for sheltering would be a safe room or storm shelter of your own or with a neighbor.

The State of Oklahoma has a grant program to help citizens pay for installation of storm shelters or safe rooms. All residents in the State of Oklahoma are eligible to apply, but funds are limited.

Grants for installation of storm shelters or safe rooms are awarded prior to construction and shelters must be built to FEMA specifications.  Shelters already completed or under construction are not eligible. Registration for the grants may be done online at 

Information on FEMA specifications for storm shelter and safe rooms may be found at Additional resources are on the National Safe Shelter Association web site

Once your safe shelter is built, register with your local Fire Department. In the event there is a collapse or debris blown on top of your shelter so you can’t escape, rescue personnel will know where to look.