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July 3, 2011

While it was no where NEAR this grand, I have been in a hotel evacuation.

Please take time to think about this:

1. If this happened, what would you do?
2. Can you depend on hotel staff to give you guidance or do you read the chart on the wall?
3. If the hotel burns with your stuff in it, who replaces it and how long does it take?

Now … plan …

Thank you.

Sent to you by KC5FM via Google Reader:

A fire at London’s Park Lane Hilton hotel forced the evacuation of about 1,500 people. No injuries were reported.

Things you can do from here:


June 28, 2011

Did you see this on CraigsList?

You can own a “tornado” damaged property for $899,000.

Regardless of the wind storm or tornado issue, here’s some thinking to think.
The property was vacant from July 2008 until buildings began coming
back on line beginning Jan 2010 and all construction was completed in
August of this year.

That’s almost two years of no income for this property. Did the
owners have good insurance? Did the owners avail themselves of the
Small Business Administration help brought to the area when the
Presidential Disaster Declaration was administered by the Federal
Emergency Management Agency?

Connect to a Tweet from Ed Kostiuk:

5,000 jobs lost, 500 businesses impacted, 1,150 injuries, 624 families
now in temporary housing in Joplin, MO.

Finally, did you know that 40% of businesses never recover from a major disaster?  In Joplin, that’s 200 businesses that are closed and will likely not recover.

Is your business able to withstand an emergency? Many fail to reopen
after a small disaster, much less a federally-declared one.

Are YOU Ready?

Can you help the Small Business Administration?