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Weather Radio Project

July 29, 2011

Residents of Altus and Jackson County will no longer be able to get 75% reimbursement for weather radios, according to area emergency
management officials.

“Grants have beginnings and endings,” said Jerry Gibson, Jackson
County Emergency Management. “The time has run out on this grant.”

Just over 125 area residents have made use of the program, according
to Lloyd Colston, City of Altus Emergency Manager.

The grant provided 75% of the cost of a new weather radio designed to
alarm when the National Weather Service office in Norman issued a
warning. The area transmitter is located south of Altus.

Persons desiring to buy their own weather radio are encouraged to do
so. The radio, properly programmed, sits quietly on the night stand
listening to the programming that is broadcast 24 hours per day.

The Altus Skywarn Association has been helpful in programming radios
for area residents.

For more information about weather radios, visit while persons desiring more information
about emergency management may visit


Weather Radio Grant

January 22, 2011

Altus — The City of Altus Emergency Management office announced a Weather Radio rebate program, funded by a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State of Oklahoma Emergency Management office.

The program will reimburse Jackson County residents 75% of the cost of a weather radio, according to Lloyd Colston, Altus Emergency Management director. “In other words, a $30 radio will cost $7.50, after the rebate is paid.”

“It could save your life and your family’s life,” said Jerry Gibson, director of
Jackson County Emergency Management, speaking to the benefit of the weather
radio. “It’s like a smoke detector for weather.”

Funds are limited. Citizens are encouraged to act quickly. Local vendors such
as Radio Shack and United Grocery Stores have radios in stock. The rebate
program only pays for radios with Specific Area Messaging Encoder technology
such as described at, explained Gibson.

Inside the home, it is difficult, if not impossible to hear the sirens.
Emergency managers encourage multiple means of getting warnings. Weather
radios, cell phone, pagers, email, and sirens are just some of the tools in the

In order to participate in the rebate program, Jackson County and City of Altus
residents must first buy the radio, obtain the reimbursement form, complete the
form, and submit it, with the receipt, for payment by the City.

The form is available at the American Red Cross office, the Salvation Army
church building, Jerry Gibson’s office at the Jackson County Courthouse, at City
of Altus City Hall, or online at

Once the form is received, it will be submitted to State emergency management
officials for payment. This is a pass-through grant, explained Colston. The
money will come back to the City of Altus, which will then approve the claim for
payment to the resident.

Those who need help with programming their new radio can get that help from the Altus Skywarn Association, the local weather watch group. Those who need help can leave their radio with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or the local emergency management officials who will have the radio returned after programming is completed.

For more information, visit or call 580.482.8333 for Colston
or 580.482.0229 for Gibson.