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September 17, 2011

Recently, the Colston Clan paid a visit to #Joplin.  The devastation remains.  It is horrendous, even now. #NPM11 #OKready

From an emergency management perspective, debris management still goes on four months after the event.   Piles of “stuff” can be seen in the same area as bare dirt and concrete slabs.

Businesses remain closed.  Places we used to stop and shop are no longer able to conduct any transaction, except to sell the land that was laid bare.  The Red Hot and Blue just reopened this month.

Folks are still recovering.  Churches still minister.  Government still is helping the residents of the area.

I bet the residents of the area would still like you to pray for them.  The pictures don’t do justice.  At any rate, as part of National Preparedness Month, will you at least think about what you would be doing, if this were happening to you?  Please do something to make your reality what YOU want it to be.